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Anti-aging kit

Fight the signs of aging with a combination of creams that protects your skin during the day and restructures it during the night. A combination of soothing, protective and restorative actions that will make your skin young, soft and luminous, thanks to the action of donkey milk and natural ingredients.

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1 Natural

Each product is made with natural products and two special ingredients: the Argento Bianco's experience and all the love we give to our donkeys.

2 Value for the money

Do not settle, choose to spend less. By purchasing the Argento Bianco anti-aging kit, you can get the most from donkey milk at an incredible price.

3 Anti-Age

With its antioxidant effect, it contrasts the aging process of the skin, keeping it smooth, elastic and healthy looking.

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Night face cream

Regenerate your skin while you sleep. Thanks to the properties of donkey milk and shea butter, the Argento Bianco night face cream delays skin aging, regenerates it from the damage it has received during the day and nourishes it with vitamins C, E, and F.

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Day face cream

Make your skin shine: in the Argento Bianco day cream, the properties of donkey milk are enhanced by synthetic oils specially designed to nourish your skin. The result is a cream with soothing, moisturizing and protective properties that protect and nourish the skin on your face.

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