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Baby Kit

A kit that contains all the love that a (donkey) mother gives to another  (human) mother. Everything your child’s skin needs and all the protection it deserves, in a unique solution. Inside the kit, you will find the dermal paste to soothe the redness protecting the skin and the delicate liquid soap.

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1 Natural

Each product is made with natural products and two special ingredients: the Argento Bianco's experience and all the love we give to our donkeys.

2 Gentle

Ideal for dry or particularly sensitive skin, thanks to the natural ingredients each kit product will caress your skin while cleansing it.

3 Value for the money

Do not settle, choose to spend less. By purchasing the Argento Bianco baby kit, you can get the most from donkey milk at an incredible price.

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Dermal paste

A shield for your skin, resistant and gentle at the same time. The dermal paste, made with donkey milk and enriched with shea butter, aloe vera gel and patnenol creates a protective layer that protects the skin from external agents and soothes redness.

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Known since ancient times for its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, as well as for its digestibility, donkey milk is traditionally used as a substitute for breast milk, consumed even by adults who can not digest cow's milk .

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