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Bathing kit (Copia) (Copia)

Cleansing your skin and nourishing it will become one simple gesture. Thanks to the Argento Bianco bathing kit consisting of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and soap, a small daily activity such as washing your face or taking a bath will become a wellness ritual for your skin.

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1 Gentle

Ideal for dry or particularly sensitive skin, thanks to the natural ingredients each kit product will caress your skin while cleansing it.

2 Nutritive

Donkey's milk will gently nourish your skin making it soft, smooth and bright, without attacking it.

3 Value for the money

Do not settle, choose to spend less. By purchasing the Argento Bianco bathing kit, you can get the most from donkey milk at an incredible price.

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This conditioner, enriched with donkey milk and hydrolyzed silk proteins, nourishes the hair while it cleanses it. The result will be vital and shiny hair, thanks to the restructuring capacity of oath and nettle extacts.

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Dermal paste

A shield for your skin, resistant and gentle at the same time. The dermal paste, made with donkey milk and enriched with shea butter, aloe vera gel and patnenol creates a protective layer that protects the skin from external agents and soothes redness.

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Bath Foam

The union between donkey milk and hyaluronic acid gives you a delicate bath foam, which cleanses the skin delicately, giving it elasticity and softness.

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