We had a dream

We had a dream...

Sicily, countryside of Ragusa, in front of us green hills, grass, flowers and… donkeys. Hence the idea: to develop a breeding plant for the production of Donkey milk.

We find ourselves in Piedmont, in the Correria of Valcasotto enveloped by the breeding of this unique Ragusan donkey, the pasture, the farm, the first machine for the mechanical milking. Finally we bring a glass of this unique milk to our lips, mmmm… sweet… And suddenly it is reality!

This is how the breeding of Honky Donky was born: Initially it seemed to be an arduous and almost impossible undertaking. There were many obstacles to overcome for example with the difficulties linked to the identification of a place where we could host our initiative, the transfer of the first animals and their well-being and much more. The town of Garessio has given its hospitality with great enthusiasm, the animals adapted very easily from the beginning and so today, what seemed like a dream is instead a beautiful agricultural-entrepreneurial reality from the labour of this fruits to be enjoyed.